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Güncel dolar kuru kaç lira

New opportunities for loan interest were introduced!

How much are Halkbank, Şekerbank, Garanti, TEB, QNB, Alternative loan interest rates? What is the loan interest rate of Denizbank, Garanti BBVA, QNB, Ziraat Bank and TEB ? Here are the current interest rates of banks …

With the approach of the new year, the bank organizes credit campaigns, interest rates starting from 0.98 percent, maturity up to 60 months and offers different payment options.

The Central Bank ‘s policy rate cut by 1200 basis points in the last 4 meetings, consumer interest rates also fell. What is the loan interest rate of Denizbank, Garanti BBVA, QNB, Ziraat Bank and TEB? Here are the current interest rates of banks…


DenizBank offers maturity options up to 60 months with interest rates starting from 0.99 percent within the scope of the new year special needs loan.

The New Year Loan with a credit limit of up to 80 thousand TL is offered to use without going to the branch. Consumers, mobile phone, “NEW” and leave a space by typing TC ID number 3280’e can start the application process by sending SMS or fill out the application form.

Maturity up to 60 months

With the BB New Year Loan ”campaign of Garanti BBVA , employees, artisans and retirees will be able to use loans with maturities up to 60 months with interest rates starting from 0.99 percent. The campaign will be valid until 31 December.

Mahmut Akten, Executive Vice President of Garanti BBVA, said: en While meeting 2020, we prepared a New Year Loan which can be obtained quickly and easily at appropriate interest and maturities so that all our employees, tradesmen and retired customers can be prepared for the new year as they wish and meet their increasing needs . Garanti BBVA mobile and internet customers who want to use credit can apply quickly and easily without going to a branch. The amount of the loan is instantly deposited into our customer’s account. In the applications made to our branches, only the identity card is sufficient. ”


Alternatively Bank , support for the new year to enter the numbered days before the campaign organized to meet the needs of customers to order offering Christmas loans.

Those who want to use New Year’s Loan will benefit from interest rates starting from 1.04 percent and maturities up to 60 months.


QNB Finansbank offers TL 15 thousand general purpose loans in installments starting from TL 15 on a special day of the year. 3-month installment postponement of the loan provided 0.99 percent monthly interest rate on the loan, customer-specific changes can be shown. QNB Finansbank customers can complete their applications via internet or mobile phones for a consumer loan that can be used up to 60 months maturity.

Installments starting from 8 TL / day

Şekerbank launched a credit campaign to help its individual customers meet all kinds of financing needs before the new year.

The special campaign for the new year also offers the option of postponing 3-month installments with installment options starting from 8 TL per day. The campaign will continue until 31 December.

Şekerbank Retail and Agricultural Banking Marketing Executive Vice President Tuğbay Kumoğlu said, olarak As Şekerbank, we wanted to provide financing to the needy without entering into the new year. With our new year loan campaign, we will provide our customers with the option to postpone installments, and we will provide the opportunity to make their payments easily with the possibility of low-amount installments. Kul


The Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) launched a new campaign at an interest rate starting from 0.98, up to 36 months, to meet all needs more easily as we enter the new year.

TEB Retail and Private Banking Executive Vice President Gökhan Mendi said, “In the new year, we started to offer general purpose loans in different amounts and maturities according to Findeks rating in order to make our customers comfortable and collect their debts in one place. In addition, customers who wish to benefit from the 3-month postponement option.


Consumer loan: 1.17
Vehicle loan: 1.21
Housing loan: 0.99


Mortgage: 0.99
Vehicle loan: 1.45
Consumer loan: 1.08


Consumer loan: 1.19 (Salary customers) – 1.25 (Other customers)
Vehicle loan: 1.19
Housing loan: 0.99

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