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Gram altın ve çeyrek altın fiyatları ne kadar Anlık altın fiyatları

Gram and quarter gold prices… How many lira were the gold prices affected by the virus?

Gram and quarter gold prices do not fall from the small investor’s agenda. The emergence of the corona virus, which emerged in the global markets in China and which has been determined to spread, directed investors to gold, which is a safe haven. Here are the current quarter gold and gram gold prices …

Gold prices are fluctuating with current developments. Gold rose to an all-three-week high, rising with anxious corona virus anxiety. Here are the current figures in gold prices …


Gram gold: 302.03 Lira

Quarter gold: 494.01 Lira

Half gold: 988.03 Lira

Republic gold: 2.032,00 Turkish Lira

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