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Bitcoin slips to 7-month low under $ 7,000

For the first time since November, Bitcoin, the largest market value crypto currency, fell below $ 7,000. The sales wave has brought Bitcoin to its lowest level since May.

The next level of support for digital currency is $ 6,500 in November. According to technical indicators, if it falls below this level, it may go down to $ 4,000, which has not been seen since May.

Miller Tabak & Co. Mal There’s no doubt that it’s not good to record a lower high / low series in the past six months. Looking at the key indicators, I think Bitcoin can sprout, but it will take longer to attract attention than most people think. ”

Crypto coins have been under pressure in recent months, as China has ceased to tolerate and acted hard. In June, Chinese authorities arrested multiple suspects of the Felicity chain, promising earnings of up to 600 per cent.

Bitcoin, according to price information compiled by Bloomberg TSI 11:27 at around $ 6,860 traded.

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